Muro-no-yu is a communal bathhouse in the Nanki Shirahama region of Wakayama Prefecture. It is part of the Shirahama Onsen resort, which is one of Japan’s "Three Ancient Springs". 
Muro-no-yu stands in the Yuzaki Onsen area, where traditional ryokan inns and hotels line the streets. Across the street is Shirara-hama beach, a popular destination for beachgoers. Muro-no-yu is housed in a stone building, whose powerful demeanor gives a sense of history. The bathhouse is reminiscent of an old "sento" public bathhouse, with a reception counter to welcome bathers. 
The most distinctive feature of Murono-yu is that it gives bathers a feel of two different hot springs. The two springs are called "Mabuyu-gensen" and "Miyuki-gensen", and are both drawn directly to Muro-no-yu's bath from the hot spring source. The spring water of Mabuyu bath has a soft sulphur content and a foggy look, and a slight green hue. The Miyuki bath is a clear saline spring with a smooth texture.
The nearby seafood market, Fisherman's Wharf Shirahama, also sells souvenirs. It is worth a visit after your bath at Muro-no-yu!

(Photo courtesy: Nanki Shirahama Tourism Bureau)

Basic Information

1665 Yusaki, Shirahama-cho, Nishi Muro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture						
7:00AM~10:00PM (last entry: 9:30PM)						
Adult: (age 12 and above): 420 yen
Child: (age 6 to 12): 140 yen
Pre-schooler (age 3 to 6): 80 yen					
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  • FromShirahama Station (JR Kisei Honsen Line)
    Take Meiko Bus bound for Shirahama Onsen → alight at【Yusaki】bus stop and walk for about 3 minutes.