What are the "hells" of hot spring town, Beppu?
Things to do in Beppu: a trip through the "hells"
Oniyama Jigoku - "Demon's Mountain Hell"
Oni-ishi Bozu Jigoku - "Demon Rock Monk Hell"
Kamado Jigoku - "Furnace Hell"
Delicious Food & Souvenirs in Beppu

In the city of Beppu in Oita prefecture, there are several lakes named different kinds of “hell”. “Blood Pond Hell 血の池地獄”, in particular, has been actively bubbling in Beppu for over 1300 years, and is seen in some ancient Japanese literature. Along with “Blood Pond Hell”, we will also introduce you to some of the others you can come across in Beppu.

What are the “hells” of Beppu?

The "Jigoku" or "hells" are actually pools of underground clay, that have been heated by terrestrial heat and leaked out of their bedrock. The bulk of these "hells" are over 70 degrees celsius, while some reach boiling point temperatures and emit only gasses. Oita Prefecture has a rare concentration of these hells within its boundaries, in the same way it boasts an incredibly high number of regular hot springs.

Chinoike Jigoku (血の池地獄) - "Blood Pond Hell"

“Blood Pond Hell (血の池地獄)”, as you can see, has a red, blood-like hue. This is said to be the oldest “hell” hot spring in all of Japan. In 2009, it was designated as a national scenic site.

Beppu Blood Pond Hell Oni Demon

Oni, a Japanese demon, greeting you into hell

Why is it red?

The chemical reactions underneath floor of the “Blood Pond Hell” are said to spew out reddish dirt, creating the red colored pond.

Things to do in Beppu: a trip through the "hells"

Here, we will introduce a number of activities and landmarks that should not be missed during your trip to Beppu!

Kamado-jigoku Hell Beppu

More demons welcoming you

Free Footbaths

Right next to Blood Pond Hell, there is a free footbath space. The water of the bath is from Blood Pond Hell, and retains the bloody red color.

The colors of the water (and the ointment) are hard to remove from clothes, so be careful when entering the footbath (and when using the ointment).

Other "Hells" to Discover in Beppu

Oniyama Hell (鬼山地獄) - "Demon's Mountain Hell"

Oniyama-jigoku Hell Beppu Hells

Oniyama-jigoku Hell

In the Meiji Period (1868 – 1903), locals loathed Oniyama Hell since its eruptions would ruin nearby crops. Now, the hell utilizes its unique geographic features to raise crocodiles.

Although there aren’t any hot springs or footbaths at Oniyama Hell, you can feed crocodiles and watch them from up close. There are even exhibits nearby where you can learn about crocodiles.

Oniyama-jigoku Hell crocodile Beppu Hells

Crocodiles in the hell swamp

Opening Hours: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Fees: ¥400

Oni-ishi Bozu Jigoku (鬼石坊主地獄) - "Demon Rock Monk Hell"

Oni-ishi Bozu Hell is known for its beautiful cobalt blue waters. The pudding sold at this hell is made from the hell’s steam, and is a must-try. There is a footbath by this hell too, where you can sit and relax for a bit.

Oni-ishi Bozu Jigoku Beppu Hell

The bubbling waters of Oni-ishi Bozu Jigoku (pixta)

Further into the hell premise, you can find a hot spring. Lockers and shampoo are free of charge, but visitors must bring their own towel.

Opening hours: 8:30a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Fees: ¥620

Kamado Jigoku (かまど地獄) - "Furnace Hell"

Kamado Jigoku is another hell located in the city of Beppu. The hell is divided into six districts. The hell in District 5 is known for changing colors daily between blue and green. The hells in each district have their own distinct features, so make sure to visit all of them.

District 4 of Kamado Jigoku Beppu Hells

District 4 (pixta)

Opening hours: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Fees: ¥400

"Toriten" (Chicken Tempura) - an Oita specialty

Toriten meal at Beppu Jigoku Hells

Toriten (pixta)

Enjoy a delicious meal of chicken tempura! Toriten (とり天) is an Oita prefecture specialty. You can try it at Gokurakutei, a restaurant inside the Blood Pond Hell premise.

Chinoike Ointment

Chinoike Ointment is sold only here in Beppu. It is sold right by Blood Pond Hell, and is a medically approved ointment that uses the clay from Blood Pond Hell. The ointment said to help with scars, pimples, burns and more.


Nearest Station: Chino-ike jigoku-mae 血の池地獄前 (Bus)

From Hakata Station 博多駅

【Hakata Sta.】JR Sonic Limited Express / for Oita
→【Kitsuki Sta.】JR Nippo Main Line / for Oita
→【Kamegawa Sta.】Kamenoi Bus No. 26 / for Kannawa
→【Chino-ike jigoku-mae】about a 7-minute walk

From Oita Airport 大分空港

【Oita Airport Sta.】Oita Airport Airliner / for Beppu
→【Kamegawa Sta.】Kamenoi Bus No. 26 / for Kannawa
→【Chino-ike jigoku-mae】about a 7-minute walk

From Oita Station 大分駅

【Oita Sta.】JR Nippo Main Line / for Nakayamaga
→【Kamegawa Sta.】Kamenoi Bus No. 26 / for Kannawa
→【Chino-ike jigoku-mae】about a 7-minute walk

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