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Uwa Rice Museum in Ehime prefecture is entirely dedicated to Japan’s staple food, rice. Located in the city of Seiyo, the museum lies on the western coast of the Shikoku region. Exhibitions feature tools used in rice harvesting, information and history on rice and so forth. The museum uses an old schoolhouse building, and is loved for the nostalgic vibes of it. You can experience a corridor-cleaning race, a common school chore, on the 109-meter corridor inside.

About the Uwa Rice Museum

Uwa Rice Museum Exterior Uwa Rice Museum Building

The building of Uwa Rice Museum was built in 1928, and initially served as an elementary school. The museum opened in 1991, and its location on a hill allows for a beautiful view of the Uwa Basin.

Displays of Rice Harvesting Tools The exhibits at Uwa Rice Museum

Referred to as “kome-haku” by locals, the Uwa Rice Museum has displays of approximately 80 different types of rice plants. You can also see the tools used in rice harvesting and learn all about rice from the museum’s many documents and displays.

The longest wooden corridor in Japan

The 109-meter long corridor at the Uwa Rice Museum

The 109-meter corridor

One of the most popular spots in the museum is the 109-meter long wooden corridor inside the building. Back when the building served as an elementary school, the corridor served to connect 12 classrooms.

Corridor cleaning race

Corridor cleaning race at the Uwa Rice Museum

Corridor cleaning race

In Japanese schools, the building is usually cleaned by the students themselves. The corridors are wiped down with dust cloths, and are done in the specific motion (pictured above).

Every day, a corridor-cleaning race is held at the Uwa Rice Museum. Some people come all the way to Ehime just to participate in this race!

The rules are simple. With the designated dust cloth, clean-sprint down the corridor as fast as you can. The record so far is 18.17 seconds, but the Uwa Rice Museum is always looking for new corridor cleaning champions.

Participants must bring their own uwabaki, or school slippers.

Fees: ¥200

Post-race coffee

Uwa Rice Museum Loca-cafe


The race will be a lot more exhausting than you expect. To catch a breath and have a nice cup of coffee, visit Loca-café, located in the museum. The beans are roasted there, and you can choose from three different types.

Opening hours: 11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Nearest station: Unomachi Station 卯之町駅 (JR Yosan Line)

From Matsuyama Station 松山駅

【Matsuyama Sta.】JR Uwakai Limited Express / for Uwajima
→【Unomachi Sta.】about a 15-minute walk

From Matsuyama Airport 松山空港

【Matsuyama Airport Sta.】Airport Bus / for Matsuyama
→【Matsuyama Sta.】JR Uwakai Limited Express / for Uwajima
→【Unomachi Sta.】about a 15-minute walk


2-24, Uwacho Unomachi, Seiyo, Ehime Prefecture
9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (last entry at 4:30p.m.)
Mondays (next weekday if Monday is a public holiday)
Year-end holidays

〈Corridor cleaning race〉

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