1. Orange BAR (Matsuyama Airport)
2. Ehime Egao no Kanko Bussankan (Matsuyama)
3. Hotel Dogo Yaya (Matsuyama / Dogo Onsen)
Mikan juice faucet in Tokyo

Ehime is famous as a big-time mikan (mandarin oranges) producing prefecture. In fact, Ehime is second in mikan production in Japan, falling short just behind Wakayama prefecture. There is even an urban legend saying orange juice comes out of some faucets in Ehime. However, this is not too far from the truth – there are some special faucets in the prefecture that do serve orange juice! Here are the special orange juice faucets you can find in Ehime.

What is mikan?

Mikan is the Japanese term for mandarin oranges. The most common type of mikan in Japan is the unshu mikan, and can be referred to as the Satsuma mikan in English. Mikan is the second most consumed fruit in Japan after bananas, and Ehime is the second leading prefecture in mikan production. Other than mikan, Ehime is also a huge producer in other citrus fruits, such as iyokan and dekopon.

Where to find the orange juice faucets

The orange juice faucet legend only came to life recently. Ehime Beverage Inc., the manufacturer of the famous POM mikan juice, decided to make the legend into a reality.

The very first orange juice faucet was made in 2007. It was placed in Matsuyama Airport, originally as a limited time only event, but due to its immense popularity, it became a permanent juice stop in 2017, called Orange BAR.

Since then, several other orange juice faucets have popped up around Ehime. Some of the famous ones are the ones at Ehime Egao no Kanko Bussankan and Dogo Yaya.

Orange BAR (Matsuyama Airport)


The orange juice faucet at Orange BAR

Orange BAR can be found at the lobby on the first floor of Matsuyama Airport. It opened in July 2017 by popular demand.

A cup of fresh orange juice is ¥350, and the flavors of the mikan vary every season. Aside from the orange juice faucet, there are other mikan delicacies at Orange BAR, such as the mikan daifuku (sweet mochi snack) and mikan soft serve.

Ehime Egao no Kanko Bussankan (Matsuyama)


Orange juice faucet at Ehima Egao no Kanko Bussankan

The Ehime Egao no Kanko Bussankan locates near the entrance of Matsuyama Castle. They carry all sorts of Ehime prefecture goods and delicacies, like the Imabari towel, snacks, and of course, orange juice.

The orange juice from the faucet here is only ¥100 per cup. Buy a cup at the register, and head to faucet to fill it up with delicious orange juice!

Hotel Dogo Yaya (Matsuyama / Dogo Onsen)

Dogo Onsen is a famous onsen (hot spring) area, known nationwide for its long history and relaxing waters. One of the hotels in the area, Hotel Dogo Yaya, offers unlimited orange juice from its faucet for customers.

There are three types of orange juices to choose from at Hotel Dogo Yaya: unshu mikan, shiranui and kiyomi. Unshu mikan is the typical mandarin orange you can find in most Japanese supermarkets. Shiranui is a larger citrus fruit, and has a tangier flavor. Kiyomi is hybrid between unshu mikan and orange, and has a nice, refreshing scent.

Although there isn’t a hot springs facility at Hotel Dogo Yaya, there is one within a 5-minute walk from there. Stay at Hotel Dogo Yaya to try out all three orange juices!

Mikan juice faucet in Tokyo

If Ehime is too far for you, then you can find a orange juice faucet in Tokyo. At shin ehime, a shop specializing in Ehime products, there is a orange juice faucet. You can find shin ehime inside KITTE, located just by Tokyo Station.

There are three types of orange juices at shin ehime – unshu mikan, kawachibankan and amanatsu. Kawachibankan is a citrus fruit that is similar to a grapefruit, and amanatsu is a type of mikan that is a bit sourer than the typical unshu mikan. For ¥680, you can taste test all three kinds.

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