Shinobazuike Bentendo

Shinobazuike Bentendo

Shinobazuike Bentendo is located in Taito-ku, Tokyo. This shrine was erected in the early Edo period by the Tendai sect of the Higashieizan Kanei-ji Temple. Surrounding this area is Shinobazunoike, a corner of Ueno Park. Bentendo was built as a shrine that resembled the Hogonji Temple in Chikubushima, Shiga Prefecture. The nearby Shinobazu Pond was compared to Lake Biwa, and the Bentendo to Hogonji Temple as it was being constructed. Enshrined at Bentendo is Happenbensaiten, which has eight arms each holding a tool meant to vanquish mankind's earthly desires. The temple is not open during the Yanaka Shichifukujin tour, which is held every year on January 1-10. The Benzaiten can be seen only during the September festival, which is held once a year. Next to the main hall, there is also Daikokutendo, where Daikokuten is enshrined. It is said that this Daikoku-sama was quite highly prized by Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Basic Information

2-1 Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo-to						


  • FromUeno Station
    Walk (Five Minutes)					
  • FromToei Subway Oedo Line - Ueno-okachimachi Station
    Walk From Exit A3 (Five Minutes)					
  • FromKeiei Honsen Keiei Ueno Station
    Walk From Ike no Soba Exit (One Minute)