Hakone Railway and a View of Hydrangeas

Hakone Railway

The Hakone Tozan Railway connects Odawara Station and Gora station, which are located 15 km away from each other in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Railway runs on the world’s second steepest slope, and the difference in altitude between the first and last stops is as high as 527 meters. Since the train runs on the mountain path through the Hakone Mountains, it offers unique opportunities to experience the surrounding nature very closely. The appeal of the ride is the superb view that varies from season to season, such as greenery in the spring, fallen leaves in the autumn, and snowy scenery in the winter. Above all, the best season for the ride is mid-June to mid-July, when the hydrangeas are in bloom. The train, known as “the Hydrangea Train,” offers passengers an admirable view of hydrangeas that are so extensively spread they almost touch the train windows. At night, the hydrangeas are illuminated at six locations along the railway, allowing passengers to enjoy a fanciful view that cannot be seen in the daytime.

Basic Information

Gora Hakone Machi Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture
0465-32-6823 (Railway Office, the Hakone Tozan Railway)
5:50 AM to 11:45 PM
Runs every day
Adult: 130 to 670 yen
Child: 70 to 340 yen 
(dipends on the riding section) 


  • FromHakone Yumoto Statoin
    the Hakone Tozan Railway/ bound for Gora Station
    →【Gora Station】

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